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What exactly happens with my pet after I leave? Rest assured that every effort is made to ensure your pet’s complete happiness and comfort.  Dogs are exercised and “pottied” throughout the day and given personalized attention by our loving, caring staff.  Our indoor runs are heated and air conditioned, while our outdoor runs are covered and tie directly to our grassy play yard.  Our chain link fence provides our guests the opportunity to see everything going on around them, including our spectacular mountain views and one of a kind sunrises and sunsets.  Warm, soft and comforting fleece blankets that are handmade by our staff are given to each guest and washed daily.  Our professional staff are trained to provide the best attention and love to your pet while they’re away from home. I have cats, can you accomodate them? Yes!  We LOVE cats!  We have a special, private and quiet area just for cats. Our feline guests are given plenty of room to walk around, their own feeding dishes, a personal litter box and the loving, caring attention that we’re known for. What are your boarding policies? For the safety of our guests, all dogs must provide proof of current DHLP-P, Rabies, and Bordatella vaccines.  All cats must provide proof of Distemper, Rabies and Feline Leukemia vaccines.  All pets will be assessed by our staff for general health and well being upon admission.  The vaccines are good for 1 year, and DHLP-P can be boostered every 1 - 3 years (depending on what your veterinarian recommends). Any health related issues need to be addressed prior to admission.  These could be things such as fleas, missing patches of fur, eyes that are pink or have any type of discharge, hot spots, or any sort of sore on the skin, nasal discharge, runny nose, limping or soreness of limbs.