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Daycare Long day at work?  Lots of errands?
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What is Doggy Daycare? Doggy Daycare at Pinekroff Kennels allows your dog to have fun, exercise, play, eat and potty while you are gone for the day.  The perfect option for busy people who want their dog to be active during the day.  Our Daycare Dogs are exercised, played with, loved, fed and pottied throughout the day.  Dogs can socialize with others or play on their own.  Our chainlink fence allows your dog to see what’s going on around them at all times, whether they are inside or outside! I would like to bring my pooch for daycare several days a week; do you offer special pricing? We DO!  Call and ask about our pricing packages! My 10lb Dachsund is a very shy girl, and I would like her to come to Doggy Daycare, but I’m worried about her being afraid! Small and/or shy dogs are kept in a special area for dogs with their needs.  Our loving and caring staff will do everything possible to make your dog feel comfortable and ensure that they have a great time at Pinekroff Kennels.
Day Care