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Who will be grooming my dog?  How do I know they’re qualified? All grooming is performed by our certified groomers, Debbie Mohr and Alicia Petrinec.  Debbie has worked in the animal boarding business for nearly 30 years and is also our Manager.  Alicia completed the BOCES Animal Science Program and has 2 years of professional grooming experience. What are the options for my dog?  Just a bath?  Do you offer anything else? We offer several different types of baths (coat brightener for those pooches with white fur, medicated shampoo for those with sensitive skin, and flea baths when needed).  All of shampoos are gentle, effective and tear-free.  Separate, special products are used on the face (yes, we will give your dog a facial!) and paws to clean, deodorize and freshen.  We offer tear stain removal, and gentle ear cleaning, pad cleaning, nail trimming, anal gland cleaning and mouth cleansing are part of the bath! I have a very special and unusual breed of dog that requires a detailed haircut; can you help? We certainly can!  Our groomers are trained and have the experience to groom just about any dog.  We regularly groom unusual and rare breeds and provide hand scissor cuts when appropriate.  To stay current on best grooming practices, our groomers regularly attend local dog shows, research new techniques and products through trade publications and fellow industry professionals.